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Status: PAYING Active Deposit: 4.5 ETH
Withdrawal: Instant Total Withdraw: 4.1392 ETH
Life Time: 78 Days Total Profit: 4.1392 ETH
Monitored: 77 Days Last Payout: Jan. 28 2021
Min / Max: no limit Our Rating: 10 / 10
Referrals: 10% E2X Token, 5% for invitee Instruction
Investment Plan: Smart Contract, Staking Plan

  • Firstly download and install MetaMask wallet. MetaMask available for both desktop and mobile.
  • Click on my Referral Link. You will get +5% bonus E2X! if you join with my Referral Link.
  • In E2X platform click on “Auction” .
  • Click “Enter” to join the lobby.
  • Enter the amount you want to send, click “Enter the Auction” and Confirm in MetaMask.
  • Wait until 00:00:00 UTC (or come back later)
  • Click “Collect” to get the E2X from the lobby.
  • Click “Stake” on top.
  • Enter the amount and the timeframe you want to stake.
  • Click “Stake”
  • Once the stake ends, click on collect to withdraw ETH profit.
  • You can stake E2X again or sell your E2X token in XSWAP section.

If you liked this guide and if you want 5% more E2X for free, I’d appreciate it very much if you click my Referral Link before auction E2X.

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