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Status: PAYING Active Deposit: 0.5 ETH
Withdrawal: Instant Total Withdraw: 0 ETH
Life Time: 236 Days Total Profit: 0 ETH
Monitored: 1 Days Last Payout: n/a
Min / Max: no limit Our Rating: 10 / 10
Referrals: 20% Hex Token, 10% for you Instruction
Investment Plan: Smart Contract, Staking Plan

  • Firstly download and install MetaMask wallet, MetaMask available for both desktop and mobile.
  • Click on my Referral Link and then go to HEX platform from this link. You will get +10% bonus HEX! if you join with my Referral Link.
  • Go to HEX platform and add HEX Token to MetaMask wallet.
  • In HEX platform click on “Transform” .
  • Click “Enter” to join the lobby.
  • Enter the amount you want to send, click “Enter” and Confirm in MetaMask.
  • Wait until 00:00:00 UTC (or come back later)
  • Click “Exit” to get the HEX from the lobby and Confirm in MetaMask.
  • Click “Stake” on top.
  • Enter the amount and the timeframe you want to stake (1 day – 15 yeras)
  • Click “Stake”
  • Once the stake ends, you have to unstake them again manually. If you don’t do that, you will be penalized by losing HEX again. So, make an entry in your Calendar.
  • Sell your HEX Token in HEXDEX or UNISWAP.

If you liked this guide and if you want 10% more HEX for free, I’d appreciate it very much if you click my Referral Link before transforming HEX.

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